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Stutzke Stone, is hiring stone splitters for cutting, sortin...

Stutzke Stone, is hiring stone splitters for cutting, sorting, stacking, and splitting argillite stone by size and shape with a small hammer and chisel; cleaning stone chips and pieces; and raking small pieces into piles with hand held rake. Lifting required up to 100lbs. On the job training. No education req'd. 3 mo. of experience required. $16.77/hr. $25.16 O.T. 7am - 4pm, M-F. Some O.T. may be available. 14 positions available for temporary, full time work 4/1/17-11/30/17. Work to be performed in a fixed location in Bonner County, ID. Contact Robert by calling 208-946-3905 or email resume to Apply at Idaho Department of Labor-Sandpoint @ 208-263-7544, refer to JO#882981. Assistance finding and securing lodging is available, if needed, at no additional charge to the worker. Employer will make all deductions required by law from each paycheck as well as for optional housing at $200/mo. including utilities. Employer will also advance against pay up to $75.00/day at the end of each work day if needed for the first 2 weeks. Workers will be reimbursed by check for transportation (including meals & necessary lodging) to the place of employment if the worker completes 50% of the employment period. Return transportation will be provided if the worker completes the employment period or is dismissed early by the employer. Employer will provide, at no charge, all tools, supplies and equipment required to perform the job. EOE

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