Legals September 8, 2018

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CITY OF HOPE, IDAHO ORDINANANCE #286 AN ORDINANCE ENTITLED THE ANNUAL APPROPRIATION ORDINANCE FOR FISCAL YEAR BEGINNING OCTOBER 1, 2018, APPROPRIATING THE SUM OF $169,058.00 TO DEFRAY THE EXPENSES AND LIABILITIES OF THE CITY OF HOPE, BONNER COUNTY, IDAHO FOR SAID FISCAL YEAR, AUTHORIZING A LEVY OF A SUFFICIENT TAX UPON THE TAXABLE PROPERTY AND SPECIFYING THE OBJECTS AND PURPOSES FOR WHICH SAID APPROPRIATIONS IS MADE. BE IT ORDAINED by the Mayor and City Council of the City of Hope, Bonner County, Idaho. Section 1; That the sum of $169,057.00 be, and the same is appropriated to defray the necessary expenses and liabilities of the City of Hope, Bonner County, Idaho for the fiscal year beginning October 2018. Section 2: The objects and purposes for which such appropriation is made, and the amount of each object and purpose is as follows: ESTIMATED EXPENDITURES: GENERAL FUND Wages & Benefits $ 3,238.00 Planning & Zoning 7,000.00 General Expenditures 33,221.00 TOTAL GENERAL FUND $ 43,459.00 STREET FUND Wages & Benefits $ 19,325.00 Maint. Expenditures 26,175.00 TOTAL STREET FUND $ 45,500.00 WATER FUND M & O Expenses $ 51,362.00 Bond Payment 20,307.00 TOTAL WATER FUND $ 71,669.00 CEMETERY FUND Maint. Expenditures $ 8,430,00 TOTAL CEMETERY FUND $ 8,430.00 TOTAL EXPENDITURES $169,058.00 Section 3: That a general tax levy on all taxable property within the City of Hope be levied in an amount allowed by law for general purposes for said City, for the fiscal year beginning October 1, 2018. Section 4: All ordinances and parts of ordinances in conflict with this ordinance are hereby repealed. Section 5: This ordinance shall take effect and be in full force upon its passage, approval and publication in one issue of the Bonner County Daily Bee, a newspaper of general circulation in the City of Hope, and the official newspaper of said City. Passed under suspension of rules upon which a roll call vote was taken and duly enacted an Ordinance of the City of Hope, Bonner County, Idaho at a convened meeting of the City of Hope City Council held on the 15th day of August 2018. City Council: Councilmember Guldberg aye Councilmember Stutzke aye Councilmember Lizotte aye Councilmember Percy aye William Breen, Mayor Attest: Debra Lazoran, City Clerk SNP LEGAL 6198 AD# 225301 SEPTEMBER 8, 2018

NOTICE TO CREDITORS Case No. CV-09-18-1004 IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE FIRST JUDICIAL DISTRICT OF THE STATE OF IDAHO, IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF KOOTENAI In the Matter of the Estate of ROBERT F. CERNY Deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the undersigned has been appointed Personal Representative of the Estate of the above-named Decedent. All persons having claims against the Decedent or the Estate is required to present their claims within four (4) months after the date of the first publication of this Notice or said claims will be forever barred. Claims must be presented to the undersigned at the address indicated, and filed with the Clerk of the Court. DATED this 22nd day of August, 2018. Debra Grantham, Personal Representative c/o Dennis P. Thompson, P.S., ISB No. 5329, 12410 E. Mirabeau Parkway, Suite 100, Spokane Valley, WA 99216. SNP LEGAL 6167 AD 28567 AUGUST 25, SEPTEMBER 1, 8, 2018

SUMMONS To: TIMOTHY A. RADAN and CANDACE L. RADAN You have been sued by ALLY BANK, the Plaintiff, in the FIRST District Court in and for BONNER COUNTY, Idaho, Case No. CV09-18-0816. The nature of the claim against you is collection of money owed by you. Any time after 21 days following the last publication of this summons, the court may enter a judgment against you without further notice, unless prior to that time you have filed a written response in the proper form, including the Case No., and paid any required filing fee to the Clerk of the Court at 215 S. 1st Ave., Sandpoint, ID 83864, telephone (208) 265-1432, and served a copy of your response on the Plaintiff's attorney MICHAEL J. ARCHIBALD at M2 Law Group PC, P.O. Box 330, Meridian, ID 83680, telephone (208) 336-3331. A copy of the Summons and Complaint can be obtained by contacting either the Clerk of the Court or the attorney for Plaintiff. If you wish legal assistance, you should immediately retain an attorney to advise you in this matter. Dated: 8/10/2018 MICHAEL W. ROSEDALE BONNER COUNTY District Court BY: /S/ Brandy L. Steiger Deputy SNP LEGAL 6146 AD#218647 AUGUST 18, 25, SEPTEMBER 1, 8, 2018

NOTICE OF HEARING ON NAME CHANGE (Adult) CASE NO. CV-09-18-1261 IN THE DISTRICT COURT FOR THE FIRST JUDICIAL DISTRICT FOR THE STATE OF IDAHO, IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF BONNER IN RE: Michael Wayne Bente A Petition to change the name of Michael Wayne Bente, now residing in the City of Priest River, State of Idaho, has been filed in the District Court in Bonner County, Idaho. The name will change to Michael Wayne Pilkington-Bente. The reason for the change in name is: To be consistent with wife and future child and to honor my wife's family name. A hearing on the petition is scheduled for 11:00 o'clock a.m. on September 28, 2018, at the Bonner County Courthouse. Objections may be filed by any person who can show the court a good reason against the name change. Date: August 17, 2018 By /s/ Charity Hadley Deputy Clerk SNP LEGAL 6153 AD#219273 AUGUST 25, SEPTEMBER 1, 8, 15, 2018

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