Random thoughts of good health and fitness

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Iíve had a few random thoughts of fitness. And they all add up to one thing, fitness, fun and you. (OK, three things)

• In todayís hectic world with people telling you where to go and who to be ó donít ya think itís time to just be you and possibly do nothing? Besides: Some of my best ďthink timeĒ is when Iím taking an afternoon walk or clanking the weights. But, thatís me.

• Second, consistency may not feel sexy but if you wanna see results ó ya gotta be willing to get a little ďuglyĒ in the process. If you think that we all just smack on a little lip-gloss and toss our hair around while we walk on the treadmill with our phone in hand and googling skinny-butt workouts that donít make us sweat like a pig. Think again.

• Iím loving this new goal setting routine Iíve set. Every day, I have a goal established. Little baby-goals, that lead me toward my bigger goals. Sounds like fun, right? It is. Try it yourself. Youíll be amazed at what you can do and accomplish.

Itís more than just a simple dream when you talk about something, you establish an actual plan of action to reach that ďsomethingĒ and you do what needs to be done in order for everything to fall into place.

Itís all fun and games ó sitting on the living room floor creating your vision board like we are in kindergarten. But the real work happens when that creation comes to life. Do you have a vision board?

• ďThe most effective way to do it Ö is to do it.Ē

~ Amelia Earhart

Sounds pretty simple right? If it is so extremely simple and clearly a ďno-brainer,Ē then why donít more women step into their own power and do it?

I think we should all pause and make sure that our expectations match our effort. It doesnít make any sense to pray for a solution or something ďbiggerĒ to come into our life if we arenít willing to move our feet. Right folks? Itís time to stop talking and start doing.

• You could wait for a sunny day.

You could wait for the perfect music to be on your iPod.

You could wait for a reliable workout partner.

You could wait for a Monday to roll around. You could wait until January. You could wait until the clouds part and the birds sing. You could wait, but why?

Natalie Dreger is a certified fitness professional, Team Isagenix athlete and can be reached at nataliedreger.com.

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