Bonner County History - Nov. 28, 2017

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50 Years Ago

Sandpoint News-Bulletin

Nov. 28, 1967 — SIX WOMEN CAPPED

In a ceremony Monday night, six area women received their caps in the practical nurse program carried on by Bonner General Hospital and the Idaho Department of Employment. The women are Mrs. Catherine Girtman, Mrs. Katherine Lund, Mrs. Coral McIntosh, Miss Linda Patton, Mrs. Beverly Shields and Miss Freda Stockdale. Instructors are Mrs. Elsa Wormington and Miss Veldonna Osborn.



A major provision of the new G.I. bill was a cost of living increase, effective Oct. 1. The act also provides benefits for veterans who serve in the Vietnam war, beginning Aug. 5, 1964.



A modern office building will soon be erected at the corner of First and Superior, where workmen have completed demolition of the stucco house that formerly occupied the property.

The one-story 75x26 ft. structure, to be called the Med-Law building, will house the law firm of Lyons and Hofmeister and the F.G. Harrell insurance agency, owned by Joe C. Swendig, and will face Superior street. The prefabricated building is being built by Boise Cascade corp.

100 Years Ago

Northern Idaho News

Nov. 28, 1917 — BUSINESS MEN TO MEET

A meeting of the business men of Sandpoint has been called for tomorrow night at 8 o’clock sharp in the council chambers of city hall. Every business man in the city is urged to forget his other troubles for the time being and spend an hour or so in earnest discussion of the city’s future welfare. One of the leading questions will be the proposed dam across Sand creek.



Next week all women will be asked to sign government registration cards to determine the country’s woman power. As this is voluntary, it is hoped that Bonner county women will show their patriotism by responding readily. Cards signed in the county will be filed in Sandpoint and only a summary of occupations and numbers signing will be sent to Boise. It is as necessary to know how many can not sign for service as to know how many are willing to fill positions outside the home. Women should register for what they do now and for what they are trained to do, whether or not they can give any extra service at the moment.



It may not be generally known that anyone possessing dynamite or other explosives without a government license is liable to get into trouble, but such is the case and has been since Nov. 1. Possession of explosives by enemies is not considered good taste by Uncle Sam, and to be sure they don’t get any, he is licensing all users.

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