Bonner County History - Dec. 31, 2017

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50 Years Ago

Sandpoint News-Bulletin

Dec. 31, 1967 — ANY ONE FOR OWNING?

Schweitzer Fun Land Cabin Sites $50-$75 down…$25-$35 a month. $1050 to $1995 Total Cost! Reforestation, Inc. has opened up 32 cabin sites in Schweitzer Basin-Jack Creek area for Private Ownership. Each is over a full acre. Reserve your private Land-for-Fun site now!



Sandpoint’s newest school building was damaged with fire, water and smoke damage. The new Farmin School, which houses fifth and sixth grades on Division at the west city limits caught fire shortly after 10 p.m. Dec. 20 and burned undetected about a half hour before firemen were called. Reporting the blaze were Mr. and Mrs. Blaine Sisson and Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Riffle. Firemen found the building filled with smoke. The main blaze was in the supply room, but it ate its way through the corridor floor and common wall before it was checked.



Guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Abromeit for a Christmas eve dinner were his mother, Mrs. Mary Abromeit, Mrs. Ella Collins and Herb Warren. Mr. Warren is Mrs. Ed Abromeit’s father; Mrs. Collins is her 97-year old aunt, who resides at Sandpoint Manor. Doug Abromeit, a U of I student, is also home for the holidays.

100 Years Ago

Northern Idaho News

Dec. 31, 1917 — MAY SEIN WHITEFISH

The state game warden gave permission to certain individuals who applied to fish with seins (sic) in north Idaho lakes. Only whitefish and perch may be taken. Other varieties must be thrown back if captured. The game warden said, “You understand those fish are protected but in case of necessity we are willing to furnish the people with food and I am sending you a permit to organize men to take fish under your direction with no expense to this department. If they desire to take a reasonable amount of fish under those conditions they may. I consider 20 to 30 pounds a reasonable amount for each person. If they wish to sell a reasonable amount for a reasonable price to pay costs, you should not object.”



Government possession and operation of all the nation’s railroads for the war became effective at Noon Friday, Dec. 28. Treasury secretary William McAdoo was placed in charge as director general of railroads. Every railroad engaged in general transportation, with its appurtenances, including steamship lines, is taken over, and all systems will operate under the director general.



Dr. McKinnon will fill the office of hospital physician at the City hospital during the army service of Dr. Page.

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