Bonner County History - Jan. 25, 2018

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50 Years Ago

Sandpoint News-Bulletin


Sandpoint police officers have been equipped with the new spray gun immobilizers. Said more effective, and much more humane than night sticks, the device renders a person harmless for 20 minutes without any after-effect.



Flying to Green Bay, Wisc. to watch the Green Bay Packers play the Dallas Cowboys Dec. 31 were Jerry Kramer’s father, C.K. Kramer, Sandpoint; brother Russell Kramer, Anchorage; and uncle, Erval Rainey, Priest Lake. They were accompanied by Ben Tibbetts, Sandpoint.

While there, Russell underwent knee surgery by the doctor who operates on the football players.



Sandpoint Winter Carnival needs snow, lots of it. Members of the sponsoring Schweitzer Ski Bums appeal for everyone to think snow.



Bill Gill and Pete Weatherford won trophies Sunday in snowmobile cross-country races at Schweitzer Guest Ranch. Weatherford came in 7th in a large field. Gill, who went to the races as a spectator and was talked into racing by Weatherford, placed third.

100 Years Ago

Pend d’Oreille Review

Jan. 25, 1918 — EVADE QUARANTINE

Outside of the high school, county physician Stackhouse attributes the spread of smallpox to the indifference of people in whose homes it has prevailed. He believes that most people were aware of the disease, but rather than be quarantined and pay $5 fumigation costs, they refrained from reporting the cases and let their children attend school. So far cases have been mild, but there is no telling when it might become virulent. The city council decided that when a family afflicted is not able to stand the expense of fumigation, it should be done at city expense.



The young lady court house stenographers have succeeded in having a new flag on the flagstaff over the court house. Their “pome” in remonstrance against the weather-beaten and tattered shred doing service as a United States flag aroused the commissioners to action. No flag could be found in stock here, so one was ordered from Spokane, and on Wednesday the new flag was unfurled for the first time.



Next Wednesday is “tag-your-shovel” day when all over the country the school children will be provided tags to carry home to put on the coal shovel to remind householders to save coal as a means of furnishing more coal to this country’s needy and for moving ships across to Europe.

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