Logging camps set to open

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10 Years Ago — 2008

Man perishes in fire

A Bonner County man was killed early Friday morning after fire broke out in his home south of town. Bonner County Sheriff’s officials identified the victim as Byron C. Shultz, 84. Preliminary findings suggest Shultz was overcome by smoke.

20 Years Ago — 1998

Bring fireworks

back to Coolin

Bishops’s Resort at Priest Lake is sponsoring a list of Memorial Weekend events to raise money for the Coolin fireworks display. All proceeds will be used for fireworks.

30 Years Ago — 1988

Times won this one

According to city attorney Roger Lette, Oldtown officials have apparently decided to continue publishing legal advertisements in the Gem State Miner despite Lette’s statements that the Priest River Times under Idaho law has to be Oldtown’s official newspaper. Lette cited a recent Idaho Supreme Court decision that defines the word “publish” as referring to the location of a paper’s main office.

40 Years Ago — 1978

Festival & flotilla set for Memorial Weekend

The Spring Festival and Flotilla will be held Memorial Day weekend at Priest Lake. Anyone may join in the flotilla and those who wish to decorate their boat will be eligible for a cash prize and a trophy. Categories are best decorated, funniest, and most unusual.

50 Years Ago — 1968

Celebration film on TV

Practically everyone residing in the Priest River/Priest Lake communities will be at home at 10 p.m. Friday attentively watching their TV sets, for the long-awaited hour of the “Discover America” color special featuring Jose Jimenez as he tours local festivals, including the Priest River Loggers Celebration. The program will be shown on channel 6 as an NBC news special. The scenes that everyone here will be waiting for will be the lumberjack events from last summer’s celebration.

60 Years Ago — 1958

Millie’s Club destroyed

Fire of unknown origin destroyed Millie’s Club in Oldtown early Friday morning. The building has been used as a tavern since 1939 when it was brought from Dalkena by Ward and Millie Adams, the Cedars, Priest Lake. It is estimated the structure was built around 1900 and used in Dalkena as a railroad station.

70 Years ago — 1948

Log drive in full swing

Chipmunk rapids on the Priest River, one of the most exciting and interesting points on the river, will be the scene of unusual activity, as there are several “centers” and “wings” to break up. The logs drive is in full swing, and the log drive celebration opens May 21-22.

80 Years Ago — 1938

Timber industry news

The E. C. Olson Mill, located just beyond the four Corners, will start operations this week. The mill and logging camp in connection will employ approximately 100 men to start with. The Harp logging camp will start up as soon as weather conditions permit. The snow in the vicinity is still better than 30 inches deep.

90 Years Ago — 1928

Streets oiled

The streets of Priest River have received their first coat of oil, which was gratifying to many as the dust had become quite bad.

100 Years Ago — 1918

Peterson Hotel


The Times notes with considerable pleasure the opening of the Bonner House, formerly operated as Pete’s Café by E.J. Peterson. Mr. Peterson and family came to Priest River only a couple of years ago, but they have shown a desire to progress along with the town. A few weeks ago the decision was reached to remodel the entire hotel building. This was done, half of the structure being transformed from a pool hall into a lobby and office. It is now a hotel worthy of patronage of everyone.

— Compiled by MARYLYN CORK

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