Bonner County History - Sept. 4, 2018

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50 Years Ago

Sandpoint News-Bulletin

Sept. 4, 1968 — ODEN WATER LOAN

A Farmers Home Administration loan to the Oden Water Assn. was closed Sept. 3. The money was presented to the association by Terry Stigile, local FHA county supervisor. He presented the money to Jack Hickey, president of the association, and board members Perry Larkin, Ed Batlen, Bill Hall and Elmer Dahl.

The water association was started in 1967 by Oden area residents who were suffering a shortage of water from their shallow wells and springs.

The $208,000 FHA loan plus an additional $39,000 contributed by association members will be used to construct a domestic water system consisting of approximately 27 miles of pipeline, 100,000 gallon storage tank, pumps and a filter plant. It will serve many farmers in the area in addition to rural homes and homes along the lake at Sunnyside and east Kootenai point.



Shipfitter 1c Darrell A. Fredstrom, USN, 33, son of Mrs. C.D. Buckout, Sandpoint, is serving aboard the destroyer tender USS Shenandoah. The Shenandoah, which has been with the Sixth fleet in the Mediterranean, returned to the U.S. late in August.

100 Years Ago

Northern Idaho News

Sept. 4, 1918 — MORE MEN LEAVE

The second August draft took eight Bonner county boys to Camp Lewis Friday afternoon over the Great Northern. At noon the men were given a dinner at the Cottage Inn and about 30 business men were included.

Another quota left today for Camp Lewis. 23 men were ordered in to make up the quota. They were given a dinner at the Cottage Inn prepared by Mrs. Twiss and afterward were taken to the Gem theatre where a crowded house heard several good talks along patriotic lines.



Bernard List, A.J. Colomb and Henry Knutson, as a committee of the soldiers in the draft that left today, desire to express to the business men of Sandpoint through The News the thanks of the boys for the flags presented them.



Mementoes from the battlefields of France are arriving in Sandpoint. Mrs. Robert Anderson and Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Ramsey have each received a German helmet. They are metal and weigh nearly four pounds each which is some lid.

Mrs. Alice Stidwell left yesterday for St. Maries where she will resume her work after a vacation spent with her mother, Mrs. S.M. Moore.

Postmaster Sam Miller of Glengary came to the city on Saturday’s boat. He states that a barge of vegetables and meat was brought over to the city.

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