State needs to put all lottery funds into schools

After doing some additional research, and communicating with Sen. Shawn Keough, I’d like to clarify some information I formerly stated about Idaho Lottery allocations.

I believe many constituents misunderstand, as I did, the definition of the “Permanent Building Fund.” When the lottery was established in 1988, the Legislature established the “Department of Administration Permanent Building Fund,” which not only funds schools, but other state facilities. According to the lottery website, in 2015, money from the Permanent Building Fund also went to renovations to the capital building, the Idaho State Police, the Idaho Liquor Division, the Department of Corrections and more. However, I believe the public perception is that the lottery was established strictly for the benefit of schools. So, since its inception, the Idaho Legislature has been using lottery funds for other state facilities. It appears that many people are not aware of this fact, and it has not been widely publicized.

In addition, according to Sen. Keough, the Bond Levy Equalization Fund was established in 2009 to offset the payment of bond levies local taxpayers have passed.” So her statement in the newspaper that all of the money from the Bond Levy Equalization Fund goes to schools is correct.

Meanwhile, LPOSD is slated to have another two-year $17 million levy election in March.



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