Can you afford 50 cents a month?

Think back on your days as a child. For most of us, I am sure we can recall one teacher who made a significant impact on our lives. Perhaps it was that one-on-one attention they gave us to help boost our confidence. Maybe it was the time they spent after school helping us work through academic challenges. Other than parents, teachers have the potential to be one of the biggest influences in our children’s lives.

Voting yes on the upcoming school levy will assure that our class sizes stay manageable. It also will ensure that those extracurricular activities remain in place. Whether it is sports, choir, drama or any other school supported activity; the fact is that our youth gain much by being enrolled in these programs.

The cost of this replacement levy is minimal. If you own a home assessed at $250,000, the projected annual tax increase with this replacement levy is a mere $6 per year. Voting no to a 50-cent increase in our monthly taxes is not a vote against the tax increase; it is a vote against our children and our community as a whole.

The effect of voting no will extend far beyond the four walls of our classrooms. It will affect our economy as a whole. One of the first things people consider when moving to a community is their schools. Not only will a defeat of this levy result in deterring people from setting up business and moving to our community, it will force those looking for a solid school system to move away.

I encourage everyone to vote yes for our children and our community on March 14.



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