We are all entitled to our opinions on levy

As I read the paper and letters to the editor, all I can say these days is, “Yikes!”

It is amazing to me how this paper and the levy supporters have gone after Dan and Kathy Rose. If the district has not been prepared to fulfill records requests, they should adapt, not blame citizens. It should be against some law to vilify these two as is being done. We all have the right to request records under public disclosure laws. Just because very few have made requests, doesn’t give this paper, the district, or the public the right to slam the Roses for their requests. They pay taxes like everyone else. Their taxes go to the schools just like yours and mine.

Someone asked, in a list of interrogation questions, if the Roses ever volunteered in LPOSD. Who cares? How many thousands of others never volunteered? How many other local citizens without students in LPOSD volunteer?

The Roses are entitled to an apology from this paper, the school district, and anyone else who wrote a negative letter. They are not the school superintendent. They are not required to submit to your scrutiny as public officials.

Even current and former teachers in LPOSD were against the August levy, but behavior like this — how people are vilified — caused them to keep silent. They still voted against that levy, but actually feared voicing their opinion.

We are all entitled to our own opinion, even if it differs from yours. Civility, please.



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