Show respect to those with opposing views

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Regarding L.A. Times reporter Steven Borowiec tweeting the following:

“I’d Rather See Donald Trump’s life end.” ( by Mark Swanson, Thursday, 03 Nov 2016 11:39 a.m.).

He later apologized. And you know what? I accept this far-left Democrat’s apology. I seriously doubt that he meant an act of violence should be perpetrated upon Donald J. Trump to see his perverse wish accomplished. But he certainly damaged his journalism career.

What I have learned over the years is that, by and large, partisan political junkies like Borowiec rarely ever mean it in a literal sense. It’s also known as: “open mouth, insert foot!”

And yes, it happens with some in all political parties.

Do that with a presidential candidate even without any intent to carry it out or in jest, and you might be visited by the United States Secret Service.

Serious violence prone political action is an aberration rather than an everyday thing in the USA.

No one should threaten either Donald J. Trump or Hillary R. Clinton or their supporters with violence. That likewise applies to any candidate anywhere (or anyone for that matter in any conceivable situation).

If you are of a perverse nature and wish harm to naturally befall a candidate not to your liking, you should keep it to yourself. And ask your priest or pastor, etceteras for counseling and guidance.

That is not asking too much I think. Slug it out in the bogs all you want, but no violent rhetoric please or worse yet — actual violence toward your political opponents. The First Amendment gives us every opportunity in a free society, hopefully without repercussions, to vilify our political opponents with a pen on paper (no profanity, however). But it stops there.

Let’s tone it down folks, myself included from the right. North Idaho is the land of wholesome values and friendly neighbors for the most part. I love it here!

Emphasizing: Violence is not the answer! Learn to respect those with opposing views. Never ever resort to violence! Let’s together from the left, center, and the right make the violent actions of out of control shooter James Hodgkinson an aberration not to be repeated.

Chill out folks be you Democrat, Republican, or whatever your political persuasion.

One man’s opinion.


Spirit Lake

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