‘Inconvenient truths’ on history in America

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In response to Lee Santa’s letter (Sept. 19, 2017, Daily Bee):

Mr. Santa, you failed to include another group in your list, the statue of the self-flagellating white liberal who, in an attempt to change history to fit their narrative, has forgotten that the Confederate heroes are American as well. If a vocal minoring using violence to push an agenda are somehow green-lighted with fits of mass hysteria then where does it end? I feel liberals are kowtowing to left-wing social race baiter in an attempt to extend the “200 years” that LBJ promised. Mr. Santa, the selective moral outrage of the left would be funny if it were not so dangerous. Tell us, better yet show us on this doll, where the statue or flag hurt you.

Again, subjective feelings do not trump objective truth.

1. The party of Lincoln, Republican.

2. The author of Jim Crow laws, Democrat.

3. Grant has slaves even after the war.

4. The Confederate Army allowed blacks to serve as free men before the Yanks.

5. More blacks were owned by blacks; in fact, the first slave owner in the U.S. was a black man.

6. More blacks were in chains in the North than ever were in the South.

There you are, some “inconvenient truths.” I’m sure you’ll ignore these as well.



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