Officials have some explaining to do on road project

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Schweitzer Cutoff Road has finally re-opened. What a magnificent sight. I知 sure Schweitzer Mountain patrons are ecstatic to see the improvements.

However, I believe the Idaho Transportation Department and the cities of Sandpoint and Ponderay have some explaining to do.

Why did the project take twice as long as originally projected? How much over budget did the project go and how much more is it going to cost the taxpayer?

1. Was the engineering on the project performed so poorly that the contractor was unable to bid the job properly?

2. Was the contractor so inexperienced they didn稚 bid the job correctly?

3. Were the contracting parties so inept they didn稚 know how to award the job to a competent contractor?

4. Did the responsible parties know how long the project was going to take, but instead, lied to the public, just to keep us pacified?

5. Why was a roundabout built when there are only three lanes of traffic?

6. Why was there such a lack of communication with the public, particularly residents directly affected by this project, regarding the delays and timeframes?

7. Are the contractors going to have to tear up the road next year and repair and replace in order to finish the job? And, how long will that take?

This smells of the same stank as the Bonner County Courthouse remodel project originally projected at approximately $800,000 and ending up at $6.2 million.

It would be appreciated if these questions were answered. After all, inquiring minds (and taxpayers) want to know.



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