Changing the definition of sexual harassment

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Once again, the left has seduced us by changing the definition of "sexual harassment." They won the Alabama election by smearing a candidate's name. This was done by a crying woman with harassment claims 40-plus years ago.

I will always believe that was a "prelude" to get Trump, as all other methods have failed. Other questions for consideration:

1. Why only men charged? Are there no women predators?

2. Men are blessed with testosterone. When women dress (not much left to the imagination) and act in some ways, men notice. Is that wrong? A woman legislator has been castigated by her own party for pointing this out.

3. Women used to say no. What has happened?

4. MSNBC reportedly paid women to make false charges. Are other payoffs being made to "get" someone, especially when political charges are involved?

5. Why the long delay in charges?

6. Blatant harassment is easily identified. Is a hug harassment?

7. It has been said that almost all things have a price. How much of that happened, especially in the movie industry?

Obama did much to divide our country, especially concerning blacks versus law enforcement. Now the left has further divided it with the split between men and women. A house divided against itself cannot stand. Be careful, America.



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