Soldiers dying for corporations, Wall Street profits

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The biggest lie our government has told us for years is that our brave men and women are fighting and dying for democracy and freedom. The simple truth is, they are fighting and dying ONLY for the corporations and Wall Street profits.

The GOP (the global warming denying party and corporate lap dog) is all about corporate and Wall Street profits.

It is the GOP that constantly puts our brave men and women into harms way for the corporations. However, the Dems are far too often just as bad.

Suggested reading (library has 1 and 2):

1. “Hidden History, The Secret Origins of the First World War” by Docherty and Macgregor. It was the English who caused World War I, not Germany. And because of this the English are to blame for World War II and Hitler’s rise to power.

2.” A People’s History of the United States” by Howard Zinn

3. “Trading with the Enemy, The Nazi - American Money Plot 1933-1949” by Charles Higham. Several American corporations did business with Germany throughout World War II.

Suggested films our library has:

1. “Thrive: what on earth will it take?”

2. “Zeitgeist”

3. “Requiem for the American Dream “

4. “The War on Democracy”



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