Road changes were not for the best

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City’s road changes

were not for the best

Dear Sandpoint Public Works:

I recently stopped by the Greater Sandpoint Chamber of Commerce office to ask whose jurisdiction the roadway is on Fifth Avenue north going under the train bridge and they said that they believed it was the city of Sandpoint. I drive that stretch of highway three to five days a week and, if I might say, sometimes it is a bit “dicey.”

The roadway for the land going south is so broken up and rough I hold my breath hoping I won’t do damage to my vehicle. (I’m sure I am not the only one who has these thoughts.) Last summer (2017), I thought surely that lane would be repaved to fix the problem but here it is 2018 and no sign of change. Do you not know of the problem until now? I would like to know why this is not being addressed as that stretch of roadway handles a lot of traffic on a daily basis. If this letter has not been sent to the proper department, please transfer it onward as to where it should go.

While I’m on the topic of streets and highways, I wish to comment on the changes done last year to the downtown area. I will also add that I am not the only person that has reservations on this topic.

In 1969, my husband and I purchased land locally and, in 2000, moved here permanently. It took a while to get used to the one-way street structure but eventually we were comfortable with it.

The 2018 change that was made, coming off Highway 2, going north, was a good one for many people concerned, especially trucks, but the slant parking and the downtown traffic flow is very scary. I have no idea now as to which way the streets are going. (A lot of my problem may be attributed to my age and at this point, I don’t adapt to changes as readily as I used to, but …)

I mentioned the slant parking, I’m not sure it is a good idea to have to pull clear out in the intersection to see if someone is coming, which is now the way it is. (I have heard many people comment on the fact that they don’t feel that the situation is safe.)

The above are just my own opinions but thought it would be a good time to “air” them so you are aware everyone is not in agreement on this issue.



P.S. I do not know how tax money is appropriated for road work but I do know my tax bill in 2017 was $6,000 on 2.65 acres so someone must be getting funded.

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