LPOHS provides valuable service to community

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LPOHS provides valuable service to the community

On a recent visit to my high school, I was impressed by the continued quality of education and student support at Lake Pend Oreille Alternative High School. Since its inception in early 1990s, as of June 2018, LPO has graduated a total of over 500 students. Each of these graduates represents a peerson who would not have obtained a high school education without LPO. I am among those students.

I graduated in 2002, and without the teachers at LPO, I would never have made it. Sadly, as recently as 2017, LPO was on the chopping block. My recent visit caused me to wonder: For all of the good that this school and its faculty, staff, and students have done over the years, does Bonner County look at LPO as a necessary and valued part of our great community? Do we think of LPO when we think of amazing, life changing work, going on right here in our own back yard?

If not, I submit that we should, that LPO and all our schools and home-schooled children should be given maximum community consideration, support, and encouragement. LPO should be a vibrant focus of community activity and volunteerism and could benefit hugely from community members with all types of talents getting involved.

This community is my home and worthy of the strongest possible engagement supporting education. LPO continues to provide an incredibly valuable service in our community and deserves all our support. Thank you.



LPO class of 2002

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