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Warrant executed in battery case

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Posted: Thursday, April 18, 2013 10:00 am

SANDPOINT — A Sandpoint woman accused of battering a city official last year was arrested late Tuesday night for failing to appear in court.

Rita Nancy Hutchens was ordered held on Wednesday on $5,300 bail. Bonner County Magistrate Court Judge Debra Heise appointed standby defense counsel to represent Hutchens after she rejected the services of a public defender, court records show.

A bench warrant was issued for Hutchens’ arrest last December, after she failed to appear at a hearing on a state’s motion for a mental health evaluation.

Hutchens contends the warrant she was picked up on was “falsified,” according to the arrest report.

Hutchens, 57, was charged with misdemeanor battery for throwing an ink pen at a deputy city clerk at City Hall last August.

Hutchens was apparently conducting research on a legal claim against the city for wrongful arrest in 2011.

Hutchens, a probable cause affidavit said, became upset when a city official monitored her from several feet away as she looked over the documents and because she was prevented from taking the documents from the building.

Hutchens, a quilt artist and author, was arrested outside her home in 2011 after she declined to speak with an officer about allegations that she was stalking a tenant whose rent was in arrears. Hutchens was taken to the ground by force and charged with obstruction, but a judge dismissed the charge because invoking a Fifth Amendment right to remain silent does not constitute obstruction.

Bonner County Chief Deputy Prosecutor Shane Greenbank moved for Hutchens to undergo a mental health evaluation due to allegedly erratic behavior in court and unusual court filings.

Greenbank attempted to personally serve Hutchens with the hearing notice while she was researching cases at the clerk’s office on Dec. 14, 2012, according to a memo filed by Chief Bailiff Mark Johnson.

After Greenbank laid the paperwork on a tabletop beside her, Johnson reported that Hutchens grabbed the paperwork and forcibly shoved it back at him, causing Greenbank to stagger forward, the memo alleges.

Although such contact with an officer of the court is against the law, there is no record of Hutchens being charged in connection with the incident.

Hutchens was arrested at her home shortly before midnight. When she declined to answer the door, a deputy forced it open and arrested her.

A marijuana pipe was allegedly discovered during her arrest, leading to a misdemeanor charge of drug paraphernalia possession, court records show.

Hearing dates in the two cases are pending.

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  • asmith1234 posted at 10:31 am on Sun, May 19, 2013.

    asmith1234 Posts: 1

    I live in eastern Washington. I love the northeastern side of the state along with the northern Idaho panhandle area. I’ve traveled over there and have contemplated even moving over there. Mainly because I don’t like how the western side of Washington state dictates to the eastern side of my state. Should my dream ever come true that Washington state is split between the east and the west side, I wouldn’t think of leaving Washington. That all said, I just read: “The Persecution of Rita Hutchens” and was shocked!

    In the future, I will not cross over into Bonner County when traveling. Not even to get so much a burger or fuel up. What a dangerous county to travel through or to contemplate buying property. I do pray that your county gets its corruption cleaned out. Thankfully, when light is shined on cockroach activity, that tends to have a beneficial effect in that the cockroaches run for cover. Corruption and tyrannical actions, such as this, do not belong in America.

  • StackedHats posted at 7:46 am on Sun, May 12, 2013.

    StackedHats Posts: 2

    Geez! Listen to the other bootlicking tribal members get their state worshiping authoritarian collectivist control freak panties in a whirl. You people really hate it when someone challenges your faith.

  • StackedHats posted at 7:36 am on Sun, May 12, 2013.

    StackedHats Posts: 2

    You think like a slave, bootlicker

  • capc832ret posted at 9:27 am on Tue, Apr 23, 2013.

    capc832ret Posts: 76

    Rita you have the right to remain silent,but apparently you don't have the ability.and as for harsh,yep you bet.Rita is a community nightmare,I hope this hole she's in gets so deep she has to look up to look down.and when the states SATs she's a but case,which she is in my opinion.that will fallow her for life.shepopped in her bed,now she can lay in it

  • Queenie posted at 12:43 pm on Sun, Apr 21, 2013.

    Queenie Posts: 379

    I will talk to any intelligent [emphasis] person who wants to see the documentation of my injury and talk about the pain I have suffered every day since January 21, 2011 and the two malicious prosecutions I have dealt with since then by corrupt officials who do nothing but try and defame me to cover up their own liability. I have done this with and without lawyers. Anyone who believes this is not a corrupt system throughout has their heads in the sand. It is incestuous.

    Then you can make comments about whose behavior is bad.

  • Queenie posted at 12:37 pm on Sun, Apr 21, 2013.

    Queenie Posts: 379

    This is for allegedly throwing a pen. Any one who thinks I had bad behavior thinks that they can get their SS# pulled out of a hat and stolen someday too and get a $5,000 falsified Bench warrant and have their door broke worn in the middle of the night for allegedly throwing a pen at someone they don't know who has not come forward to complain. Any single woman who has already been assaulted, injured and unlawfully arrested by police once would not open the door for three big guys in the middle of the night either.

    Debra Hiese never found probable cause ordered a summons or warrant bond or release on own recognizance issued. By code that means she found no probable cause. An unidentified clerk not working under a clerk or court seal sent a summons to appear and make a plea under threat of loss of freedom. The summons was not ordered by any judge. A deputy Sherriff stole my SS# and used it on a Citation and then processed it through the courts before the unidentified clerk not authorized to serve citations sent it to the mail with the unordered summons not pursuant to Idaho codes and supreme court rules. No victim of anything has come forward to complain in any way. The one signature on the citation by the complaining victim is unidentifiable. Scot Campbell who is processing Rita's Tort claim is representing the victim and Marsha Ogilvie who is personally liable is supposedly a hostile witness and she has not made any sworn complaints of witnessing any Battery with a pen.

    I am not sure what bad behavior you are talking about but I can show you a whole file full of bad behavior of a whole bunch of local officials and the damages and injuries they have done to me in the last 2-1/4 years.

  • Queenie posted at 12:27 pm on Sun, Apr 21, 2013.

    Queenie Posts: 379

    There was no bad behavior. The bad behavior comes from the public officials. What facts do you have that there was bad behavior Please. you are all operating on unstated presumptions and the defamation the corrupt officials who are not abiding by Supreme Court Rules and Idaho Codes and amount to being Felons who stole my SS# and Identity and used it to charge me with a crime and created a whole file of defective records to cover their liability.

  • SdptMom posted at 11:37 am on Sun, Apr 21, 2013.

    SdptMom Posts: 169

    Hey Cap, your approach is harsh!! In fact, you sound a bit like someone who could use an evaluation, as well. Lets avoid dramatizing this beyond what it is. I'm NOT making excuses for her bad behavior, just wanting to stick to the facts in a reasonable way..

  • capc832ret posted at 8:18 am on Sat, Apr 20, 2013.

    capc832ret Posts: 76

    OK Queenie,I'm Rita we know its you.people are sick of your behavior,you deserve a mental eval.once your a certifiable nut case,the state case you can no longer have your free tantrums in public.the state will deal with you,and hopefully put you on medication we can all appreciate. You might even get a special room of your own down south.hope you get the book for your assault,and stop eating the shrumms.

  • Queenie posted at 1:04 am on Sat, Apr 20, 2013.

    Queenie Posts: 379

    Bill the few times I have talked to you I could tell your knowledge and education on the law was very limited and rather uneducated for the persona you attempt to be. You are not as good at projecting this image as you think you are.

    One fact that needs to be checked by everyone is that Louis Marshall and Shane Greenbank are practicing without their licenses. You prefer to cell me crazy instead of them felons because you are too ignorant to actually check the facts or perhaps you don't even know where or what to check and walk around like sheep.

  • Queenie posted at 12:38 am on Sat, Apr 20, 2013.

    Queenie Posts: 379

    Bench warrant was falsified. SS# stolen. Hiese never found probable cause. Hiese never ordered a bond in the first place or release on own recognizance. No victim has come forward. Prosecutors falsified public documents and are practicing without their licenses. These people are felons. You people are ignorant.

    19-611. Breaking doors and windows. To make an arrest, if the offense is a felony, a private person, if any public offense, a peace officer, may break open the door or window of the house in which the person to be arrested is, or in which there is reasonable ground for believing him to be, after having demanded admittance and explained the purpose for which admittance is desired.

  • WML posted at 7:31 pm on Fri, Apr 19, 2013.

    WML Posts: 661

    I have spoken with Rita twice in the past 18 months. One time for about 15 minutes and one time for about 10 minutes. I don't know if she is just a little off due to no fault of her own or if substance abuse is to blame.

    I feel sorry for her. She has a real problem reading and understanding a letter that was quite simple in its message.

    Bill Litsinger

  • capc832ret posted at 12:27 pm on Fri, Apr 19, 2013.

    capc832ret Posts: 76

    Rita terrorizes everyone she comes in contact with,even those who help with the community. She threatens men women,and children.she's a menace. Defend this this person all you want,and shell get you too.she makes a fist at everyone who gets in her way,and hates everyone.I have never seen anyone this crazy on the loose in public before.no expert can help a lunatic!!!!!!!

  • SdptMom posted at 11:47 am on Fri, Apr 19, 2013.

    SdptMom Posts: 169

    Yes, no excuses for bad behavior!! Hutchen's does sound like she's "wacky", so hopefully will get proper medical attention. Her politics + danger prospects are all speculative .. lets leave that to the experts to decide. Knock'off the childish labeling (classic leftwing) .. its only self-serving ranting[sad]

  • capc832ret posted at 8:19 am on Fri, Apr 19, 2013.

    capc832ret Posts: 76

    Quit making excuses for this menace,she is getting what she deserves. If she's using pot,or any other drugs she needs to be charged with that too.this women is a classic leftwing whack job,and respects no one.she is dangerous to everyone,she needs a good long stay in a small padded cell,with drugs to keep her calm!

  • capc832ret posted at 9:34 pm on Thu, Apr 18, 2013.

    capc832ret Posts: 76

    Frankly I would think Rita is more like a crazy train

  • SdptMom posted at 7:41 pm on Thu, Apr 18, 2013.

    SdptMom Posts: 169

    Ms. Hutchens has obvious anger-management issues, but its not fair to suggest marijuana has anything to do with it. She may have some beer in her frig or a bottle of gin in her cabinet, but would that bring similar comments? [wink]

  • capc832ret posted at 3:59 pm on Thu, Apr 18, 2013.

    capc832ret Posts: 76

    This idiot is the worst menace I've ever seen in one community, thanks to the SPD our town is better off today.she deserves all that's coming!!