Sandpoint dusts off its snow policy

A grader clears Kinnikinnik Avenue on Monday morning. (Photo by KEITH KINNAIRD)

SANDPOINT ó With a newly-fallen blanket of wet, heavy snow coating the city on Monday, officials are reminding residents of Sandpointís snow removal policy.

Parking on emergency snow and commercial access routes is prohibited until the entire width of the roadway has been plowed.

The prohibition goes into effect upon the accumulation of 2-4 inches of snow and at the discretion of Public Works officials.

Plows are typically not dispatched until after the snowfall ceases because itís not economical to continuously plow each street and there are times when itís too hazardous for plow operators to be plowing, city officials say.

However, exceptions to that general rule can be made if the snowfall appears to be heavy and sustained.

If the snowfall stops during regular working hours, plows my be dispatched at that time. If the snowfall stops overnight or in the early-morning hours, plows will be dispatched early in the morning.

Weekend plowing is handled in a similar fashion.

Plows tend to stay off emergency snow routes during peak traffic hours to avoid congestion and visibility problems.

Residents and merchants are further reminded that they are responsible for keeping the sidewalk in front of their home or business free of snow and ice.

Itís also unlawful to deposit snow upon public roadways since the piles can freeze into a solid mass, which creates hazards for motorists and plow trucks. Those who place snow in the road can be held liable for damages.

Those with questions about the cityís snow-removal policy can call Public Works at 263-3407 between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

They can also call the city shop at 263-3428 between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m.

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