Vote for progress and vote Democrat

According to Webster’s dictionary, compromise is defined as “a settlement of differences reached by mutual concessions.” It seems that Mr. Barbieri, one of our North Idaho state representatives, has no use for any such concessions when it comes to the subject of governance.

How ironic it is that an elected official, who regularly spews his reverence for our nation’s Constitution, can be so oblivious to the very core of the initial construction of our nation’s framework. Often referred to as a “bundle of compromises,” any true citizen-patriot would concede the necessity for compromise regarding the constitutional convention process. Mr. Barbieri, however, like so many other far-right ideologues (Limbaugh, Norquist, etc.) seems to perceive compromise as some hideous weakness. The opportunity to remove these “McCarthy-like” cancers from our American political system cannot be missed. Vote for progress. Vote Democrat on Nov. 6.



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