Why is it taking so long to pick attorney?

For the past two weeks, the city of Dover has attempted to appoint a city attorney. This should be a fairly simple process. However:

• Prior to the last meeting, the mayor refused to provide all members of the city council with the name of the nominee, therefore preventing the City Council from researching the nominee. When asked, the mayor stated “I am not required by state law to do so.”

• After announcing the name of the nominee at the meeting, the mayor provided no written documentation or qualifications for the nominee. The mayor stated “I am not required by state law to do so.”

• When asked why the City Council was not involved in the process of selecting a city attorney (the way it is done in other area communities), the mayor answered “I am not required by state law to do so.”

• The mayor allowed questions from one member of the City Council but discouraged other members from asking any questions about the nominee.

• The mayor specifically asked the nominee not to attend the meeting (so the city council could not ask him questions).

This is the second nominee that has been rejected in the past week. The time and date of the next meeting will be posted at www.doveridahonews.com (where video of the September Dover City Council meeting and the most recent special meeting can also be viewed). All Dover residents are encouraged to attend. Get involved and decide how you want your city to be run.



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