John E. Darling

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1: What inspired you to run for elected office?

I am running to give our community a fair, educated, unbiased, open minded, experienced option in a city council candidate.

2: What unique qualifications would you bring to office that no one else could match?

I served seven years on the Ponderay City Council and worked on many joint partnership projects between the city of Ponderay and city of Sandpoint. I am familiar with the requirements of an elected council member and believe I can be a benefit to the Sandpoint City Council.

3. What are the most important issues facing the community? Why?

I would say that some of the issues that need to be addressed are improvements in infrastructure such as sewer, streets and high-speed internet. The sewer system from my understanding is in need of higher capacity, the streets are always an eroding issue that is challenged to keep up with increased usage, and the high-speed internet is a must to draw in high annual income rural commuters to our economy.

4. How do you plan to address these issues?

Study the history of ours and other local jurisdictions sewer systems and work on a comprehensive plan to upgrade ours at a new location. Support our public works department and give them the resources to stay ahead of the problem. Ed- ucate the city on what works with other communities such as ours and identify a program that it can work toward.

5. If elected, what legacy would you hope to create? Why?

I would like to see the local cities of Sandpoint, Ponderay, Kootenai and Dover continue to work collectively on joint participation projects. I feel that together we have a louder voice to Boise and tax revenue distribution.

6. How do you foresee your typical workday as an elected official?

I will continue to operate my local business and participate in any pertinent extracurricular activities that arise for the benefit of the city of Sandpoint.

7. What do you most look forward to after you are elected?

I will enjoy getting to know and working with the new council and city management team.

8. What’s the harshest criticism you expect to face on the campaign trail and how would you respond to such criticism?

I could be criticized that I have only recently lived in the Sandpoint City limits for less than 2 years. My response would be that I was born and raised in Bonner County and have spent most of my life going to school, working and enjoying my pastimes in the Sandpoint area.

9. If you could only get one thing across to voters during your campaign, what would it be?

I would like them to know that I would like to represent them as their voice to our community.

10. What question should every candidate be asked? What is your answer?

My question would be, what is your agenda if you are elected as a Sandpoint City Council member?

My answer is that I do not have an agenda or a campaign. I would like to serve the city of Sandpoint as a trusted and respected voice of the taxpayers.

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