Nancy B. Piatt

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1: What inspired you to run for elected office?

To give back to the community by being fiscally responsible. Iíve volunteered for over 20 years on the administrative side of Northside Fire District.

2: What unique qualifications would you bring to office that no one else could match?

I was city clerk of the city of Ponderay for 20 plus years. I have also helped NSFD with their budgeting process for several years and with hiring of the first two full-time personnel in the year 2000.

3. What are the most im- portant is- sues facing the community? Why?

Consolidation, Taxes and Joint Powers Agreement.

4. How do you plan to address these issues?

A lot of taxpayers in NSFD are on fixed incomes and canít afford consolidation and increased taxes. We have existing Mutual Aid Agreements in place now which work well. NSFD will work hard to utilize them as needed and also provide Mutual aid to other agencies as well.

5. If elected, what legacy would you hope to create? Why?

To keep NSFD fiscally responsible and provide the best services we can afford. A fiscally responsible board does not have or establish personal agendas.

6. How do you foresee your typical workday as an elected official?

I†will provide the amount of time required to fulfill my responsibilities.

7. What do you most look forward to after you are elected?

To continue providing the best services possible to our constituents.

8. Whatís the harshest criticism you expect to face on the campaign trail and how would you respond to such criticism?

I will address the issue if it arises.

9. If you could only get one thing across to voters during your campaign, what would it be?

Encourage people to vote, it is their responsibility to vote the most responsible people into a position which oversees the operations of NSFD in keeping with the current fiscal soundness along with complying with government regulations, and supporting the current employees full- and part-time who are operating with sound leadership and positive morale.

10. What question should every candidate be asked? What is your answer?

Did you agree with the prior levy increase and provide an example of how you are fiscally responsible.

I voted against the levy increase as a lot of taxpayers couldnít afford it. Candidates should be held to a higher financial standard.

I pay my bills on time and believe NSFD should be responsible to the taxpayers, now and in the future.

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