Bonner County History - Jan. 30, 2018

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50 Years Ago

Sandpoint News-Bulletin

Jan. 30, 1968 — ATTEMPT JAIL BREAK

An attempted jailbreak by three Bonner County prisoners at 1:30 a.m. Monday was thwarted when the first of the three got stuck in a narrow window on the east side of the county jail.

He couldn’t get out and couldn’t get back in. Had he managed to get out, he’d have faced a 12-ft. drop and landed next to a basement door where officers waited. The Sheriff suspected a jailbreak was in the offing when the framework holding bars inside the window was found loose, and so had his men laying in wait for the attempt.



The 1968 county budget fixed by the commissioners totals $1,071,963.00.



Hazel LaMoreaux has been named manager of the Sandpoint Sears Catalog store. A Sandpoint native, she is married to Don LaMoreaux, Williams Motor Co. mechanic and well-known musician. They have three children.

Mrs. LaMoreaux, a WWII veteran, enlisted in the Women’s Army Corps. She served as a recruiter in New England before being assigned to the headquarters of Gen. Dwight Eisenhower, serving in England, France and Germany.

Active in community affairs, Mrs. LaMoreaux also sings in the First Presbyterian Church choir.

100 Years Ago

Northern Idaho News

Jan. 30, 1918 — HIGH SCHOOL NEWS

The high school basketball team has been forced to postpone some of its games because of numerous cases of illness among the players.



Timber workers are all yelling for snow but they get nothing but rain. Meadows are bare, grass shows up green and bluejays are flying about just as if spring had come.

Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Needham received a letter from their son Gordon, who is in France. He likes that country, had a fine trip and wasn’t seasick.



February 4-9 is designated by the U.S. attorney general as the time to register all enemy aliens of German birth. Each registrant must fill out three copies of the registration blank and furnish four signed photographs of himself each 3x3 inches.

All males 14 and over who are citizens or subjects of Germany are included.

When a registrant desires to move within the local district he must present himself to the postmaster who will make an endorsement on his card. If he desires to move outside the district he must have a formal permit from the postmaster.

This is not to be construed as a move against enemy aliens. It serves as protection for those who are on the square and it helps to keep the government thumb on those who are not.

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