Don’t let the past stand in the way of your future

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The simplicity of trial and error are society’s means of solving life’s problems.

Yet so many people are afraid to undertake the trial because they’re too afraid of experiencing the error.

Making the error is not harmful or wrong, it is necessary to obtain beneficial feedback toward a solution.

I have never met anyone who has been successful without first experiencing more than one error.

Remember how it was when you taught your child how to ride a bike without training wheels? Same thing holds true for you. Bottom line? Try. Try. Try.

Don’t let the past stand in the way of your future. What does this have to do with health and fitness?


How many times have you tried this diet or that diet, only to fail? How many times have you told yourself that you were going to join a gym, only to make an appearance there during the first month that you joined? How many times did you try to talk yourself into exercising every day, only to stick to that statement for a week? How many times did you promise yourself that you would eat right, only to grab a cookie when the first real craving hit?

All of us face decisions on a daily basis and some of us encounter larger obstacles than others. It is important to recognize that to “try” is a simple step towards your goal. And, just because you tried something once, shouldn’t limit you from trying it again — but this time, try it another way and learn from your mistakes.

I would encourage all of you to step outside of your comfort zone and try. Don’t let fear of failure stand in your way. Take off your training wheels and see just how free you can soar.

Natalie Dreger is a certified fitness professional and can be reached at

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