Bonner County History - Jan. 20, 2019

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50 Years Ago

Sandpoint News-Bulletin

Jan. 20, 1969 — MEETING DELAYED

School District No. 82 postponed its January trustee meeting due to the number of snow-clogged roads which might prevent persons from making the meeting.



City and rural carriers are doing their best to make regular mail deliveries under present difficult conditions, Postmaster Robert Willer emphasizes, but patrons must cooperate by providing a way to reach the mailboxes. In cases where it is impossible to provide access, patrons can arrange to call at the post office for their mail until conditions improve.



Floyd Perks, 215 Forest, who plays Santa each year to many Bonner County children, mostly at his own expense, received the 1969 Kiwanis Man of the Year award Monday night. The first recipient of the honor, Perks was presented with a plaque from the entire club.



The story is told that a young lady clad only in shorts and halter clambered out of a car and made her barefoot way across First Ave. to a store. A woman who saw her said she didn’t know if the person was doing something as a cold weather stunt or not. Whoever this scantily dressed young lady might be, she added a pleasant interlude to a cold and snowy winter.

100 Years Ago

Pend d’Oreille Review


Dr. Wendle states that the flu situation is as bad as it has been at any time and there seems to be a revival of the scourge all over the country. He estimates the number of new county cases this week as fully 50. Cocolalla, Granite, Sagle, Dufort and Westmond are especially hard hit.

The Red Cross flu hospital has 17. A Spokane nurse who came Wednesday to assist at the flu hospital came down with the disease Thursday night. The flu hospital now has a force of three nurses and helpers for both day and night shifts.



Kootenai has had a severe siege of the flu on account of which nearly all public services were closed the last three months. Sunday morning all the services will be held, with Sunday school at 10 o’clock. No evening service until next month.



Health Officer Wendle states that persons knowing of quarantine violations should report them. “No arrests have been made this week, but they will be made if needed to protect the public. Many cases are being reported of disobedience to quarantine regulations. No person in whose household there is flu should leave the house.”

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