Bonner County History - Feb. 3, 2019

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50 Years Ago

Sandpoint News-Bulletin

Feb. 3, 1969 — NOTICE!

Any person who obstructs any road or street by placing snow upon any right-of-way is violating the law and is subject to fine and imprisonment.

We ask every person to cooperate by not placing snow on county roads or city streets.

City of Sandpoint, Sandpoint Hiway (sic) District, Bonner County Commissioners



Schweitzer Basin ski area resumed operation Tuesday after digging out from the bone-chilling blizzard which swept the region. Schweitzer’s private road from the foot of the mountain to the lodge was opened Sunday but the county was unable to open the North Boyer connection to the city until Monday afternoon.

A number of out-of-town skiers who stayed in Sandpoint were unable to get to the area for Sunday skiing. Even had Boyer been opened earlier it is unlikely the ski area could have operated, since most employees were isolated by drifting snows and were unable to get out.

About 50 skiers were temporarily stranded in the Blue Beetle and Red Cricket condominium apartments at Schweitzer Basin.



Westmond Grange met Friday with nine attending. Mrs. Hannigan said Dan was home with the flu. A letter from the Joe Herrmann’s told of 80 degree temperatures in California.

100 Years Ago

Pend d’Oreille Review


Two of the cunning triplets of Corporal and Mrs. Thomas Moran have entirely recovered from their recent influenza attack. The third, Katherine, is still sick, her case having gone into pneumonia, but is now on the road to recovery.



Last week’s January freshet was the heaviest ever seen in this country by old-timers. Pack river ran bank full and tore out a bridge. Lightning creek tore out six bridges, and Priest river ground up logs and poles that broke loose in the flood. It is claimed that even Lightning creek, with the vilest temper of any stream in this watershed, never came up as quick nor with a greater volume of water than it did last week.



Mrs. F.J. Keller, 48, died at the Red Cross hospital Sunday of pneumonia after an attack of influenza with which she had been ill at home for several days before being moved to the hospital. Her daughter, Hazel, was in the same hospital at the time very low with the same disease.

As a child, Mrs. Keller came to this country from England with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Palmer. She leaves two sons and two daughters, her parents, three sisters and four brothers.

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