Why exercise? Let me help you count the whys

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The goal of my article this week is to help you stay motivated to exercise.

It’s not enough to just help you with the “how” of exercise. Regardless of why you get started — the doctor put the “fear” in you, your kids motivated you to get started, your spouse or your mirror’s reflection —

I want to help you with the why.”

Here are five great ideas to help us all keep that inner fire burning.

1. Find an exercise buddy.

When we know that someone else is going to meet us at the gym at a certain time, we are much more likely to show up ourselves. They will appreciate the invitation, and will be much healthier for it. Just choose a friend that won’t just sit on the bike and read a book — make sure they will actually “pedal” the bike with you.

2. Get to know people in the gym.

All of the people in my class are either friends, co-workers and become a “fitness family” once we start. They are excited to come to class because their exercise buddies will miss them, it is extremely fun and the results outweigh any reason to quit.

3. Talk with your doctor.

We all know that exercise is good for us. He or she will be so happy that you’re exercising, and will encourage you to continue.

4. Chart your progress.

What gets measured gets done. Take the time to keep a food journal, an exercise log, or simply write down your fitness goals. You will be surprised the value you receive from these little steps. Instead of watching yet another re-run of a television program, get out a pencil and piece of paper and focus on your future.

5. Give yourself a reward.

Sometimes the “bigger picture” can be too intimidating. Treat yourself to a little “something” when small goals are reached. I have this thing for workout tops … after all, you can’t have too many.

Your “thing” might be a manicure or a massage — just promise me it won’t be a piece of chocolate cake.

There are many other ways to give yourself the motivation to succeed.

Natalie Dreger is a certified fitness trainer. She can be reached at nataliedreger1@gmail.com.

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