This may be last time voters get levy say

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The West Bonner County School District has proposed a permanent annual public school levy. Property owners must have a voice in how their property taxes are used. The WBCSD board has stated the following reasons for support of a permanent levy:

1. It will save the cost of having special elections;

2. It will hold the bond amount at $3,000,000;

3. If the state increases the money it provides to schools, the board can lower the levy; and

4. The public needs an opportunity to say “yes” or “no.”

Following are the facts:

1. If WBCSD wanted to save taxpayers the cost of a special election, the school levy vote would be held in May with other county elections. They don’t because fewer people will vote against the levy if it is not held at the same time as other issues, and it is more likely to pass when summer residents are out of state.

2. Board members stated they still could raise the levy amount if they need to; they just have to bring it to the community for a vote. This nullifies both No. 1 and No. 2.

3. The district could reduce the amount of the levy in the future, but it won’t. WBCSD always has projects on hold because new projects demand more money. Once it is allotted to them permanently, they will spend it.

4. Voters may have an opportunity to say yes or no this year, but that will be the last time. If the levy passes, voters will lose the opportunity to ever say yes or no again.

Please vote no on March 12.


Spirit Lake

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