All kids have a right to an education

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“The problem begins when we forget we belong to each other.”

The past few weeks I have been reading numerous editorials telling our community to vote no for the upcoming school levy. I found myself wondering why the same people do this year after year. After all, isn’t it to our community’s advantage to educate our young people?

I believe we can all agree that education plays a vital role in any thriving community. That is why I believe it is important for the people to know the truth.

Truth No. 1: The school levy on March 12 is essential, not supplemental. State funding is complicated and yes, there is an increase of funding; however, there is still a shortfall.

Truth No. 2: Both private schools, House of Lord Christian Academy and Pend Oreille Valley Adventist School receive federal funds from our district. Home school students attend and benefit from numerous programs in public school.

Truth No. 3: Approving a permanent levy will not allow the district to increase the levy amount without voter approval. Approving a permanent levy will:

1. Provide essential funding

2. Save taxpayers money by not running an election

3. Stabilizes funding which helps reduce staff turnover.

Truth No. 4: The only way the trustees could increase the permanent levy amount would be to hold another levy vote. The permanent levy vote on the ballot, if approved, has to remain for the amount that has been approved.

Let’s think about this … you may home school your children, you may not you may have kids in public school, you may not … we live in this community … we belong to each other … all kids have a right to an education … it’s an investment for all of us. Please support our schools and vote on March 12. Your vote is essential.


Priest River

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