What can we do to keep Bonner County the place we love?

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I was born and raised in Bonner County. I love it and have worked hard to save enough to hopefully, someday be able to buy my own little piece of paradise, raise a family, and give my kids a wonderful childhood in rural North Idaho.

However, that dream seems to be fading before my eyes. I want to do something, but I donít know if anything can be done.

North Idaho is growing at an alarming rate. In 2018, U.S. Census Bureau indicated Coeur díAlene was the fastest-growing metro area in the fastest-growing state. We all know that growth has ripple effects that go north.

Rep. Malek said, ďOur infrastructure in the Kootenai County area is failing. Itís going to be a major barrier to safety and quality of life.Ē

I for one am finding myself going to Coeur díAlene less and less and each time with gritted teeth.

Is Kootenai County a harbinger of things to come in Bonner County? I certainly hope not. But with our rate of growth, what else can we expect?

I donít blame anyone for wanting to move to Bonner County. Itís about as close to perfect as any place Iíve ever been. But what happens when Bonner County is no longer Bonner County because of all the people who move here?

I know everyone is a first generation resident at some point and Iím not pointing the finger at anyone here. Iím just a Bonner County kid seeing the place I love, the dream I had, being slowly erased.

Iím just at a loss for what to do and honestly asking ó what can we do to ensure that the place we all love stays the place that we love?

Iíd love to hear your thoughts at keepbonnercountyrural@gmail.com



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