Five things regarding Trump administration

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Five things:

1. The blue states pay far more federal taxes than the red states. The red states, with perhaps the exception of Texas, receive back far more federal aid than they pay in federal taxes. The blue states receive back far less money than they pay in federal taxes.

Are you getting the picture? The blue states are supporting the red states.

2. The neoliberal elites want the climate crises so as to reduce the Earth’s population to 500 million as they have stated on the Georgia Guidestones.

3. I just finished the HBO 5-part mini-series Chernobyl. This mini-series can be viewed as a metaphor for what is happening in the Trump administration. Just like Trump and the GOP, the Russian administration and the communist party would not believe and listen to its scientists.

It’s interesting that when it comes to science, the GOP and Communist party have a lot in common.

4. Trump has a huge inferiority complex which causes him to be very insecure. This is why Trump behaves as he does: sexually and verbally attacking women, verbally attacking people of color, constantly praising himself, constantly claiming to be the “greatest” of what ever it is, throwing childish temper tantrums.

Trump’s followers vote for him because they see themselves in him.

5. One has to wonder, when will Trump publicly claim himself to be greater than God?



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