Crapo’s town hall answers were predictable

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I read with interest the article regarding Mike Crapo’s 30-minute town hall meeting in Sagle. All of the statements he made were right down the party line.

Regarding mass shootings and gun violence, Crapo said “…the core issue is related to mental health. Whether it’s violence on the internet or violence in games our children play.”

Fact: Statistics and studies have proven this to be false. Mentally ill people are more likely to be victims of violence than perpetrators of violence.

When prompted, Crapo admitted he is backed by the NRA. Flash. Lightbulb Moment.

On Education. Crapo believes that education should be managed by local and state officials, and education will improve if it isn’t managed by the Federal government.

So, how’s that working for you Idaho?

Fact: Idaho ranks 48th and 50th in K-12 educational funding and teacher’s salaries.

The bottom line of educational funding in Idaho is this: For ages Idaho has struggled with educational funding as evidenced by decades of supplemental levy requests. The shortfall in educational funding is due to the small population and/or tax base in Idaho.

Don’t you think a little assistance from the Feds would help this situation?

If not, why are you federally representing us? To reject federal assistance for the State?

Way to represent your constituents, Mike.

I would think you would stick to the facts when speaking to those you represent, rather than trying to lead them down the Yellow Brick Road.



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