If group is so great, why are they blocking people?

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If Reclaim Idaho is so wonderful and on the “up and up” why have not only my comments and questions on their Facebook page remain unanswered but deleted and i’ve been blocked?

My questions were: The two big complaints about Sandpoint. Lack of jobs and affordable housing.

Bonner County just passed a $25.4 million school levy that will increase property taxes.

The elderly can get a break through the circuit breaker program while the wealthy can afford it, so who does this hurt, the middle class struggling to make their house payment as it is, and renters, who don’t get a homeowner’s exemption. I already read of one landlord who has notified his tenants of rent increases.

Plus I read there is a two-year waiting list for low-income housing, so increasing taxes helps those struggling as it is how?

Second, what will raising corporate taxes accomplish other than chasing jobs and revenue out of the state?

Take Buck Knives, for instance, which moved from California after 62 years to Post Falls to avoid high taxes.

It really irritates me when I get blocked for asking legitimate questions.

I saw they also deleted the comment from the former teacher who wrote about the incredible waste that goes on all while asking for more money.



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