Vote yes on proposed school district levy

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The proposed vote coming on Nov. 5 is a vote on a continuous levy. What that means is that we, as a community, would not have to return each year to the polls to vote on this particular levy. This is in support of the amount that was approved last March. The levy that was approved in March supports the schools for the fiscal year 2020-2021, this vote is asking to continue the same level of support for future years to come.

Will this dollar amount increase every year if it were to become continuous?

No, the flat dollar amount can never increase without voter approval.

Could this dollar amount ever decrease?

Yes, the school board can reduce this amount without voter approval.

Will my taxes going to schools increase if this is approved?

No, the flat dollar amount stays the same. Actually, with all the new growth that Bonner County is seeing and the new parcels coming onto the tax roll the amount each person pays to schools for this maintenance and operations levy may decrease.

This vote will stabilize funding and allows the district to continue to improve.

These are just a few of the positive notes that this levy can produce.

I ask you to get out and vote and vote yes.

This is for our current and future students to go through our school system!!!

Letís work together and get it done.



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