What would Rod Serling have to say?

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A distinctive looking man of slender build with dark hair dressed in a conservative dark suit holding a cigarette walks before the camera and speaks in a very recognizable voice.

“Submitted for no one’s approval, especially if you are a taxpayer of this fair town. A cast of unlikely motley characters, have pitted one government entity against another.

Our first player, a trumped up little man from the south of a great state. Dealing with feelings of inadequacy, he is the president and possibly sole member of an organization who claims to represent the rights of a niche political issue.

Player two: A man whose tactics belay his actual desire, control over others to the exclusion of all else. Even though his new motivation advocates for instruments of death directly conflicting with his original campaign in which he claimed to be an instrument of life.

Finally our third player. This little man, so to speak, is a sole mate of the first two. A self appointed pocket emperor whose desire is again, control and power over others.

Three abominable amigos who care for no one other than themselves and their rights. A terrible trio who will go to any length, even the use of public funds to insure the triumph of their cause.

What they fail to realize is that they may actually be an instrument in the elimination of the well spring of their campaign. A certain amendment that could be repealed in a backlash by the world of the reasonable if they are not careful.

In a reasonable world, with reasonable people, this could and likely would not happen, but this is not the world of the reasonable, this is...The Twilight Zone.”



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