Sage Dixon

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1. What inspired you to run for elected office?

2. What unique qualifications would you bring to office that no one else could match?

3. What are the most important issues facing the community? Why?

4. How do you plan to address these issues?

5. If elected, what legacy would you hope to create? Why?

6. What do you most look forward to after you are elected?

7. What are your views on public education in Idaho and Bonner County? Do you think the state should provide more or less funding for public education?

8. What are your views on the proposed Newport silicon smelter?

9. What are your views on Proposition 1 to authorize betting on historic horse racing?

10. What are your views on Proposition 2 to expand Medicaid in Idaho?

11. Is there anything the county can do to ensure fairness in tax assessments?

12. Do you agree with the county’s handling of damaging boat wakes?

13. Do you agree with the county commission’s ongoing efforts to simplify land use codes and processes?

14. Do you support the county’s road-maintenance approach or would you like to see something different?

15. What’s the harshest criticism you expect to face on the campaign trail and how would you respond to such criticism?

16. If you could only get one thing across to voters during your campaign, what would it be?

Name: Sage G. Dixon

Office you are seeking: State Representative, District 1 seat B

Education: San Jose State University, Finance Major

Occupation: Insurance/financial services

Family: Wife and seven children

Address: Ponderay


1. I ran because others asked me to serve, and to more accurately reflect the changing constituency of Dist. 1.

2. I have a deep understanding of the philosophical underpinnings of the founding of our republic, as well as four years of experience navigating the Idaho Legislature.

3. One of the most important issues is the management of the Idaho lands by the federal government. Besides the frustrations that come with road closures and locked gates, there are the annual wildfires that are a result of poor forest management.

4. The Good Neighbor Authority has allowed Idaho to manage our lands that are under federal control. Expanding this program within the state will continue to diminish the danger of wildfires, improve our timber economy, and prove that we are able to manage our lands better than the federal government.

5. I hope to leave the legacy of being a professional, thoughtful legislator who understood the responsibility of being an elected representative, and was someone who did not move off his principles, but still was able to work with all others in the political arena.

6. I look forward to preparing for the upcoming legislative session, and continuing to represent Dist. 1.

7. Public Education is functioning well in Bonner County. LPOSD has instituted creative programs in both Sandpoint and Clark Fork, and WBCSD has a blossoming STEM program. Increasing funding is a difficult with K-12 comprising 58 percent of our state budget already. A new funding formula should bring more equity throughout the state, and will relieve some of the spending requirements in the districts.

8. I am still trying to gather information about the realities of the proposed smelter. I am sympathetic to the concerns of those who oppose the smelter, and I have conveyed those concerns when given the opportunity.

9. I am somewhat neutral on this issue. If we allow gambling in Idaho, it should be allowed everywhere. There is also a small potential benefit to public schools if this passes. On the other hand, I’m not sure it is wise to expand gambling in Idaho beyond what we already allow.

10. I staunchly oppose Prop. 2. The “gap“ population is a creation of Obamacare which is what made insurance unaffordable in the first place. There is no proof that this will save the state any money, and has only resulted in enrollments that are exponentially larger than what has been projected. Idaho already receives more money back from the federal government than we send.

11. Fairness is a very relative term that is dependent upon whomever thinks they are being treated unfairly. The current standards for assessments seem to be causing some grief, and therefore could be in need of an update.

12. I do, although I do not have much first hand experience with their policies.

13. I do. Simplicity, stability, and predictability are hallmarks of good government.

14. The county is doing a great job with road maintenance. It is a difficult department to manage, and is often thankless.

15. I cannot think of any harsh criticism that I expect to face.

16. That respectful, reasoned discussions and debate is the best way to craft policy that benefits everyone. Polarizing, emotional battles drive people farther apart and institute dramatic swings in policy that only serve partisan efforts.

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